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Our commitment to providing exceptional trading services starts by providing signals that help trades be on the right path, and be successful traders from day one.

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The Royal community not only supports trades with signals alerts but also with knowledge and insights on the most effective risk management tools provided by UnchartedFox.

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If you are the kind of person who would like to earn income by trading but doesn’t have the time and knowledge to do so, we got you covered, earn more with fewer headaches with UnchartedFox.

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Investment Pool

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For individual investors that don’t have time or the right knowledge, join UnchartedFox Trading Pools, our team trades on your behalf with a flat 35% profit fee.

  • Assets protection with limited downsides.

  • From Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly withdrawal options.

  • Automatic earning compounding.
  • Pay less fees with UFOX Token.

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ROI Expected up to $420.00

Quarterly investment plan

What’s Included

Semi-Monthly record update
25% Effective annual rate (APY)
~20% Maximum Downside
1% UFOX Tokens Earned

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ROI Expected up to $2,500.00

6 months Investment Plan

What’s Included

Semi-Monthly record update
32% Effective annual rate (APY)
36% Compounded (APY)
~22% Maximum Downside
2% UFOX Tokens Earned

15 days trial Trading Signals




ROI Expected up to $ 21,000.00

12 months Investment Plan

What’s Included

Semi-Monthly record update
38% Effective annual rate (APY)
42% Compounded (APY)
~25% Maximum Downside
5% UFOX Tokens Earned

6 months trial Trading Signals




ROI Expected up to $51,500.00

48 months Investment Plan

What’s Included

Semi-Monthly record update
42% Effective annual rate (APY)
51.11% Compounded (APY)
~30% Maximum Downside
10% UFOX Tokens Earned

12 months trial Trading Signals


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uFox AI

Lead Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

Our AI Financial Business solutions investment bot

Leveraging advanced machine learning technology, our AI intelligent bot assists our trading crew, minimizing human errors, and optimizing trading strategies.

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Founder & CEO

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Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking to enhance your strategies or a novice seeking guidance, we have tailored services to cater to your needs.

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